Saturday, 10 December 2011

Simple present Tense

Simple present tense is used
A)  to show an action which happens regularly or habitually ( every day, usually, always, often or 

       -The subjects below ( I, you, we, they) use plural verbs.
              1) I play piano every day.
              2) You clean your shoes every week.
              3) We usually take our lunch at twelve noon.
              4) They often play football in the field.
              5) Sue and Rohani always do their homework at night.
              6) Sometimes, Rosy and mother go for shopping on Sunday.

       -The Subjects below ( he, she, it) use singular verbs.
              1) He sees a movie every weekend.
              2) She usually takes bath in the afternoon.
              3) The cat always sleeps under the chair.
              4) Meng Hock sometimes walks to school.

      -Sometimes we use verbs to-be ( is, am, are)
             1) I am a girl.
             2) She is my mother.
             3) He is a doctor.
             4) We are students.

B) to show a general truth.
              1) Birds fly in the sky.
              2)Sugar is sweet.
              3)Rabbits run fast.
              4)A car moves faster than a bicycle.
              5)The sun rises in the east.

Common Errors

Jasmine studys in primary school.   ( X )
Jasmine studies in primary school.   ( √ )

I buy a pencil yesterday.             ( X )
I bought a pencil yesterday.       ( )

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