Saturday, 10 December 2011

Simple Past Tense

Simple Past tense is used to tell a past story or show a past action.

A) Simple past tense for Verbs to-be
Simple Present tense
Simple Past tense


Simple Present Tense
Simple past tense
My aunt is a house wife.
My aunt was a teacher two years ago.
I am a football player now.
I was a basketball player last year.
They are students in Gemilang  2 A this year.
They were students in Gemilang 1A last year.

B) Simple Past Tense for verbs of action.

     - Add "d" or "ed"

        1) Change - changed
             He changed his clothes just now.

        2) bake - baked
             My mother baked cakes yesterday.

        3) open - opened
            The girl opened the door an hour ago.

        4) turn - turned
            I turned on the radio just now.

   - Change into other words.
        1) sing - sang
             Joan sang well in the contest yesterday.

        2) write - wrote
             Ah Leong wrote a letter to his friend last month.

        3) feel - felt
            She felt sad just now.

        4) send - sent
            Ali sent the letter to his friend one week ago.

  - Some verbs are not changed at all

        1) hit - hit
             The boy hit the snake with stick last night.

        2) cut - cut
            Susan cut her hair with scissors this morning.

Common Errors

The man runned very fast just now.  ( X )
The man ran very fast just now. ( √ )

Johan studyed in high school three years ago.    ( X )
Johan studied in high school three years ago.      ( √  )

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